I was born in Thessalonica and grew up in Athens. After an uneasy search in the realms of expression (puppy theater, pottery, photography) I decided to concentrate, mainly on manufacturing jewelry and lately object. I use silver, bronze, copper, semi-precious stones, paper, plastic, resin...and every material that helps in expression.

I maintain my own space from 1991.

1989-91 Mokume school of handmade jewelry-Thessaloniki
2013-14 Eric Roberts-Chalkis jewelry school (contemporary jewelry)-with Poly Nikolopoulou
2014-15 Krama Institut-Athens (contemporary jewelry)-with Poly Nikolopoulou and Yiannis Siotis
2014Communication and Collectivity", Akis Goumas-Poly Nikolopoulou, El.Marneri Gallery, Athens(workshop)
2013 "The five senses"Akis Goumas- Poly Nikolopoulou, El Marneri Gallery, Athens (workshop)

1991-92 Titanium Gallery(group exhibition)|-Anny Balta Gallery ,Thessaloniki(group exhibition)|-Public Theater of Kallithea,Athens(solo exhibition)
2014 Estudio Gallery, Kifissia | -Eric Roberts, Chalkis- | "Symbols" exhibition at Technopolis Athens.(all group exhibitions)
2015 Actus gallery ,chalandri( group exhibition)
1991-today " A-Z Greek Creations" twice each year MEC Athens

Bijoux contemporain
Mar de Color Rosa
beautiful people live art

Member of My Precious(Greek jewelry art+design)

collaboration with M Shop,Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall
collaboration with Gallery Makraki
collaboration with Estudio gallery
collaboration with benaki museum shop(periodically)