I was born and grew up in Athens.
I studied Graphic Design and Interior Design and worked on both for twenty years. For the past three years I have been making my own pieces of jewellery through which I found a means to express my need for artistic creativity. Since 2012 I have been making crochet jewellery adorning it with various materials. 

1st Solo Exibition: 11/09/2013 - 17/09/2013     Vrysaki, 17 Vrysakiou sreet, Plaka, Athens, Greece  
1st Group Exibition: 16/06/2014 – 22/06/2014   Kozani Expo Center, Kozani, Greece
2nd Solo Exibition: TENDANCE 2014 30/08/2014 – 02/09/2014   Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany   
2nd Group Exibition: Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook Exhibition 10/09/2014 – 14/09/2014   Madrid Joya Show (former Iberjoya Show)   Madrid, Spain.
3rd Group Exibition: Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook Exhibition 10/10/2014 – 13/10/2014   Madrid Joya Show (former Iberjoya Show)   Barcelona, Spain.

About my work:
I have always been very good with needles and hooks. I mean knitting needles and crochet hooks. The crochet hook has become a natural extension of my hand creating pieces of jewellery based on a technique, not entirely traditional, nevertheless forming part of Greek modern life. My creations are influenced by the richness of Greek nature, the colors of the sea, the sky, the earth and fire. I always was fascinated by Greek mythology as well as by fairytales. Their interesting women have inspired me and motivated me into giving their names to my necklaces. I borrow these stories in order to make my own while making a crochet chain. I use mostly natural materials and I add sparkling when needed.