Born in Athens, Greece in 1984
2002- 2005:       Graphic Design, VAKALO Art and Design College, Athens, Greece
2005- 2007: ALCHIMIA Contemporary Jewellery school
                     Specialization course with Iris Eichenberg
                     Specialization course with Peter Scubic
2008: Clay workshop, College of Athens
2009: Jewelry Workshop on the lost wax casting technique with Dimitris Nikolaidis
2010:             Seminar on Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education
(Reggio Emilia, Italy) specialized on the role of Atelierista.
2011: Workshop on Editing and Organizing Exhibitions with Marina Fokidi
Acting workshop with Andromachi Spanelli
2012: Seminar on Art Therapy with Gianna Kilimi
Workshop on Scenography with Hara Kourtali

Working experience
2010- 2013
Atelierista* at preschool “Ela na peksoume”
*The Atelierista is an Early Childhood Development teacher with a background specializing in the Visual Arts. Is responsible to support teachers and work with children to develop projects summarizing learning experiences using a variety of mediums such as wire, clay, paint, recycled materials e.t.c.
The Atelierista is also intimately involved in the process of documentation and is responsible for developing and maintaining the Atelier; a beautiful, useful arts space that models the principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach.

Lecture- Workshops 
2012:    Lecture : Art and Children, Museum Benaki, Athens, Greece
Lecture and Workshop: School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
Lecture: Artist In The Spotlight, Marneri Gallery, Athens, Greece



International Graduate Show, Marzee ( The Netherlands 2007)
500 Pendants & Lockets, Lark Books (USA 2008) /
500 Silver Jewelry Designs, Lark Books
The Best Of The 500 Series, Lark Books
Alchimia 10 year (Italy 2008)
Terra di Mezzo – il Gioiello Contemporaneo incontra il Mediterraneo
Pescara (2009)
Natura e Artificio (Livorno 2010)
Mediterraneo, Livorno (Italy 2011)
Ultramarine, Tallinn (Estonia 2011)


“A Jewel Made In Greece”, Technopolis, Athens, Greece
“Current”. Orizzonti, Hikoso, Alternatives, Japan, Kanazawa
“Current”, Orizzonti, Galerie Paris, Japan, Yokohama

“Mirracles from 260 little hands”, Curating an exhibition with works of art made by children with my guidance as Atelierista / preschool: Ela na peksoume/ , Art Center of George Karidis, Filothei, Athens, Greece
“Folk Is Coming To Town”, el.marneri galerie, Athens, Greece
“Artist In The Spotlight”, el.marneri galerie, Greece

“Little hands..Big creations”, Curating an exhibition with works of art made by children with my guidance as Atelierista / preschool: Ela na peksoume/ , Syntagma Metro Station, Athens, Greece
“Current”, el.marneri galerie (Athens.Greece)
“From Darkness To Light”, el.marneri galerie, Athens, Greece
“5 Contemporary Jewelers Meet”, Association of Fine Arts, EPASKT, Athens,

“Orizzonti” Galerie Paris, Yokohama,Japan/ Gallery YOKO, Kamakura,Japan/ ATTA Gallery, Bangkok,Thailand
“Mediterraneo” International exhibition of cont. jewellery, Museum of natural history, Livorno/Italy
“Ring Ringe und nochmals Ringe” , Gallery Mangold, Leipzig, Germany
“Orizzonti”, Zephyr, Gallery Deux Poissons, Kamakura, Japan
“Ultramarine” , Noblessner Foundry, Tallinn, Estonia

“Natura E Artificio” , organized by Tuscan section of AGC (Contemporary Jewelry Association), Livorno, Italy
Representation of 50 artists, Tereza Seabra, Lisbon, Portugal

“06 [factum]” , workshop Dionisis Sotovikis, Athens, Greece
“Pazl”, el.marneri galerie, Athens, Greece,
“Three”, [ photography exhibition ] , Fnac, Mall, Athens, Greece
"Terra di Mezzo", Museum of Art, Nocciano, Pescara, Italy
“Alchemic Experiences” , Lorber Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Futurabilia/ alchimie dal mondo” , Marijke studio, Padova, Italy

“ArtOrnamento”, Gallery Alternatives, , Rome, Italy
“Alchimia”, AtDeutschesGoldschmiedehaus, Hanau

“Inhorgenta”, Alchimia, Munich, Germany
“End Year Exhibition”, Alchimia, Florence, Italy
“Salone Dei Mobile” , Milano, Italy
“Craft Fair” , Boston, USA
“International Graduate Show” , Marzee Gallery, Nijmegen, Netherlands
“Alchemic Visions “ / Korean Craft Promotion Foundation, Seoul
Gallery Baum(Paju (Heyri), Korea

End year exhibition Graphic Design, VAKALO Art and Design College, Athens, Greece