Ioulia Lazou was born in 1985, in Athens, Greece. She holds a diploma in architectural engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and a postgraduate degree with distinction from Technical University of Barcelona (UPC) on course "from geometry to construction sites" guided by architect Carlos Ferrater.
She has worked on the design & construction of private spaces and buildings and has been awarded in architectural competitions. Beginning from her student years her career path also includes works of graphic design, jewelry and furniture. 
Her multilateral involvement in various forms of expressions arises from the fact that she perceives architecture as the centre of an expanded field of experimentation, "playing" every time with the scale/size/material/user and function and adjusting that to the conditions of each project.
Specifically, her creative occupation with jewelry completes her search on scale and materiality; therefore, she defines jewelry as the minimum architectural three dimensional form that can exist in space.

She constructs objects by collecting images and materials from the city and its residents with the intention to enhance their daily life.

Currently, she works in Athens as a freelance architect.